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Anime Holy Place

This time, I will introduce you to Toyako Town , the sacred place for Celestial Method 

The Celestial Method is called “Sora Meso

Toyako Town = Kiriyako Town (Name in anime

  • Toyako Town (洞爺湖町)
  • Celestial Method (天体のメソッド Sora no Mesoddo)
  • Sora Meso”(そらメソ)
  • Kiriyako Town (霧弥湖 )

[Anime introduction]

Celestial Method | introduction

[Toyako Onsen Bus Terminal] 

First, I visited Toyako Onsen Bus Terminal

In anime, they go to a school that seems to be Sapporo from around Lake Toya , but in fact it is about 2 hours away by car, so please be careful if you want to go around at once. 

  • Toyako Onsen Bus Terminal (洞爺湖温泉バスターミナル)
  • Lake Toya (洞爺湖)

[There are a lot of panels at Toyako Onsen Bus Terminal!] 

[Access from Sapporo Station to Toyako Onsen Bus Terminal]

by car

by train

[Forest and Tree Village Center] 

The next time I visited was the “Forest and Tree Village Center”. 

There is an observatory familiar to anime. 

In summer you can camp. 

Period of use May 1st to October 31st 

  • Forest and Tree Village Center”(森と木の里センター)

Access to the Forest and Tree Village Center

by walk

by car

[Gallery around Lake Toya] 

Photo shot with the same composition as the animation around Lake Toya . 

Hokkaido Anime Holy Place

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