ONE PIECE “BUSTERCALL PROJECT” in Los Angeles | Anime Event【Anime Holy Place】

Anime Event

The launch of “BUSTERCALL”, a project that expresses and transmits “ONE PIECE” in a completely new way, has been announced.

This project will exhibit works of all participating artists as “BUSTERCALL ART GALLERY” at the “ComplexCon in Long Beach” street culture festival in Los Angeles, USA in November 2019.

What kind of project?

“ONE PIECE” has been releasing a tremendous amount of heat based on the form of manga and anime for over 20 years.
The “BUSTERCALL” project announced this time is trying to deliver it to more people in different ways.

A total of 200 artists will participate.
This time, we will introduce the works of 14 artists announced by October 6th.

Artist No.001

“Origin of everything”

“Origin of everything” I was given the opportunity to throw ONE PIECE World inside PERIMETRON World, and have fun with it.

Artist No.002

Kenzo Hara

ONE PIECE’s worldview and characters have this very sense of individuality, that even when a detail is picked out, it is still seen as typical of ONE PIECE.
I have decided to extract minimalist elements of characters, such as colors and shapes, that would still make them recognizable, and to express this original point of view in the form of cylindrical graphics, like Kintaro Candies.

Artist No.003

Tomoko Sato

One must not eat it, and yet wants to.
I wanted to create that fruit, beautiful and eerie, emanating this irresistible charm.

Artist No.004

Takuya Kamioka
“Roronoa Zoro”

I drew the ONE PIECE character Roronoa Zoro using my own airbrush technique.

Artist No.005

 “Usopp Bigfoot”

Leave the forest to the ocean, BIGFOOT JOHNNY wears his favorite outfit of USOPP, chase the step of STRAW HAT PIRATES and sail around the world with hope!

Artist No.006

Kazuki Takakura 
“The New World’s Fish-men Mandala”

An illustration of people who fought fiercely to overcome Karma and the wall between species.
In Japanese Buddhist Pantheon, the deities are divided into four ranks: Buddhas (Nyorai), Bodhisattvas (Bosatsu), Wisdom Kings (Myōō), Heavenly Deities (Tenbu).
Accordingly, I decided to put Fisher Tiger, the original captain of the Sun Pirates, as Dainichi Nyorai (the Solar Deity), and place under him Hatchan, Otohime and Jinbe as Boddhisattvas, then Arlong and Hody Jones as Wisdom Kings, and finally some other Fish-men as Heavenly Deities.

Artist No.007

Naoya Hirata
“Robin’s sculpture”

The first piece that Robin composed when she became aware of contemporary art.

Artist No.008

Blue Aoi

Courage and emotion. That is what we always receive when reading ONE PIECE. Therefore, I wanted to give something back too. So I wrote a letter.

Artist No.009

Taro Nikuguso

The initial power relation between humans and animals.

Artist No.010

Doktor A.
“Dr. Anthony T. Chopper”

The character envisioned as a Victorian era robot.

Artist No.011


When I was in elementary school, I used to make graffiti of Buggy all the time.
I decided to make a real version of the Buggy that I love, with DWS’s own way of understanding and expressing this character.
I want to see that movie.

Artist No.012

Hikaru Cho

The Mutt-Mutt Fruit Model : I realized it picturing a wolf.

Artist No.013

“The Worst Generation – 9 -“

Turning the world upside down.

Artist No.014

Mark Conlan
“Sailing Out”

The concept was derived from depicting a relaxed environment that the ship was sailing to while remaining inside the silhouette of Luffy and in turn remaining dream like in my trademark style.