BAR LUIDa | Anime Bar | Nagoya【Anime Holy Place】

Anime Holy Place


This time, I visited a bar in Nishiki, Nagoya.

BAR LUIDa is an anime bar that is famous for gathering anime lovers.

In the store, you can have fun talking with salesclerks who are familiar with anime.

There are also a lot of manga and figures.

The entire wall is decorated with various anime posters.

Also, you can sing karaoke, and if you know even one song of anison, there is no doubt that it will be exciting!

Access by train

I decided to go from Nagoya station to Sakae station by train to go to the bar.
Access from Nagoya Station is very easy.

Access by train

Nagoya Station → Nagoya Municipal Higashiyama Line / Fujigaoka Line → Sakae Station

Arrives in 5 minutes.

The charge is 200 yen.


Arrival at Sakae Station

When you arrive in Sakae, there are many exits.

For the time being, I went to Exit 8 toward Sunshine Sakae.

Sunshine Sakae is a very unique building with a Ferris wheel attached to the building.

Opposite Sunshine Sakae is a discount store called Don Quixote.

If you cross the intersection and walk beside Don Quixote, you will see many ornate buildings.


When I was walking in the downtown area, I could see it in front of the main street.

This is the Sakura Building.

The BAR LUIDa is on the 4th floor of the building.

Arrived at the bar!

When you enter the store, “Okaerinasai-mase.”

Okaerinasai-mase = Welcome, home

Greetings often heard at maid cafes!

It’s a fresh sounding word.

I looked over the room before I sat down.

There is an anime poster on the wall.

Dakimakura on the sofa.

I was very excited.

I sat down.

Alright …

Well, before that, there were a lot of anime figures.

There were a lot of my favorite anime figures.

With the clerk, I was able to get excited by talking about anime.

Liquor order

I will order sake!

And if you look at the menu …

It ’s like a spellbook!

On the left is the name of each anime, etc.

I ordered here because the menu is written on the right.

I drank a draft beer and a glass of red eye, passoa grapefruit, sangria, cassis orange and fuzzy navel.


I like anison and enjoyed karaoke to sing well.

There were about two different groups around, but as soon as I started singing, everyone started to get excited.

As a result, about 3 hours! I sang and drank.

And it was rounded up because the last train was near.

It was very fun.