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[“ANIME EXPO will be held in Saudi Arabia. “One Piece” and “Captain Tsubasa” will participate! “] 

In Saudi Arabia, where Japanese anime is booming, the country ’s first official Japanimation event “SAUDI ANIME EXPO 2019” will be held. 

From November 14th to 16th, Japan’s leading anime content and anison singer will gather together. 

[What is ANIME EXPO?] 

Anime Expo is an American anime convention run by the Japan Animation Promotion Association (SPJA). 

It is famous as the largest anime convention in North America, and is known for calling popular guests because of its close relationship with Japanese and American anime companies. 

With the exception, the convention is traditionally held for 4 days on the 4th July weekend

Since 2009, it has been held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, but in the past it has also been held in Anaheim, San Jose, New York, Tokyo, and other places. 

This time, the first ANIME EXPO will be held in Saudi Arabia! 


SAUDI ANIME EXPO” is an event aimed at sending Japanese anime to Saudi Arabia through various exhibitions, experience contents, and stage performances. 

Inside the venue is the “Exhibition Area” where you can see popular anime-related exhibits in Japan, the “Main Stage Area” where you can enjoy live and talk shows of popular anison singers, the “Cosplay Area” where you can become an anime character, and the representative of Japan. The “Movie Theater Area” where you can watch anime and the “Café Area” where you can enjoy Japanese gourmet food. 

Talk show of “One Piece” and “Captain Tsubasa” is scheduled in “Main Stage Area”, and “Isao Sasaki”, “Ichiro Mizuki”, “FLOW”, “Linked Horizon”, etc. will also appear in live performances plans. 

“SAUDI ANIME EXPO 2019” will be held from November 14th to 16th at the special venue “Riyadh Front Expo Land Hall 3/4” in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

[Event details] 

Dates: November 14 (Thu)-16 (Sat), 2019, 15: 00-23: 00 

Venue: Riyadh Front Expo Land (using Hall 3/4) 

Admission: General admission (on the day) / 150SR, (3 days) / 350SR, VIP (on the day) / 350SAR, (3 days) / 900SAR 

* Tickets can be purchased from the Expo gate or website. 

Organizer: Ministry of Entertainment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (GEA) / SELA SPORT 

Co-organizer: SAUDI ANIME EXPO 2019 Executive Committee (GEA + SELA SPORT + Dentsu) 

Support: Japan Video Association 



Impressions of SAUDI ANIME EXPO 2019

SAUDI ANIME EXPO 2019 ② | Anime Event


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